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10 Reasons Summer Is Kind Of The Worst When It Comes To Getting Dressed

It's not what you would call the popular opinion, but summer is pretty terrible.

Sure, you might've just spent months putting up with frigid winter temperatures, taking solace in the fact that every day was another step closer to that sweet, warm, carefree season of summer. But once it comes, it's just as easy to complain about the humidity as it was to curse the cold.

Longer days are nice and the beach is grand, but with great weather comes great struggle -- because having actual sand between your toes is way less romantic than it sounds in a Third Eye Blind song.

1. Chafing

Easily the worst thing about summer. Nothing ruins a stroll on the boardwalk quite like the feeling that your inner thighs might spontaneously combust at any given moment.

2. Sandy shoes ...

It doesn't matter how diligent you are about cleaning off your feet. That sand is coming home with you.

3. ...Which lead to sandy floors.

There is no feeling more gross than hopping out of a nice shower and landing on a sticky pile of sand you carried in with you. Ick.

4. Sweat.

So much sweat. Sweat in places you didn't remember you could sweat. And then wearing clothing that SHOWS that sweat to the world.

5. Dirty flip-flop feet.

Flip-flops are a no-go. Unless, of course, you have a thing for scrubbing black, crusty dirt off your bare feet.

6. Stinky shoes.

A note about boat shoes: though adorable in theory, they're horrific in execution when you find yourself apologizing to anyone who happens to be near you when they come off.

7. Stinky everything.

Armpits, belly buttons, ears. You name it, it probably smells after a long summer day.

8. Tan lines.

Pretty self explanatory and sometimes embarrassing (especially when you've fallen asleep with your iPhone on your stomach).

9. Sunglasses indendations.

While more fleeting than tan lines, the indents you get from the nose pads on your sunglasses are not cute.

10. Forced layering.

It's sweltering on the street, unbearable on the subway platform and subzero on the subway car. Opt out of taking a sweater and risk discomfort, opt in and risk, you guessed it, sweat. It's a lose-lose situation.

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