Green Beach Tips: How To Be Eco-Friendly During Your Summer Vacation

7 Ways To Be A Greener Beach Bum

From Terri Bennett, Founder of

Are you one of millions who will enjoy some of the summer sun at the beach? Did you know that some of the choices we make at home and while on vacation can actually contaminate the very same waters we can’t wait to get in? Here are my Top 7 ways to Do Your Part and become a greener beach bum.

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1. Be Informed About Your Beach

How To Be A Greener Beach Bum

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Terri Bennett is a veteran TV meteorologist, syndicated columnist and author, and founder of DoYourPart, everyday green living ideas that are better for you and the planet. Send questions to and follow DoYourPart on Facebook and Twitter. Terri's new book "Do Your Part: A practical guide for everyday green living" is now available at

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