How To Make Summer Water And Stay Deliciously Hydrated

We're not talking about rosé, but we promise it's just as good.

Summer is hot, and it’s important you keep hydrated. Rosé ― aka summer water ― is one way people like to try to do that, but while that might be fun, it really isn’t effective (alcohol actually dehydrates you).

Instead, you should drink water. And not just a regular glass of tap water, but something called “summer water.” That is water flavored with summer berries, fruits and fresh herbs.

We got our inspiration from Lauren Keiper Stein’s beautiful cookbook, Fresh Made Simple. The book is a compilation of illustrated recipes that promise not to overwhelm you with ingredients list and instructions, and are guaranteed to inspire you with their whimsy. Stein shared her recipes for summer waters, illustrated by Katie Eberts, with us below.

Bookmark it and refresh yourself deliciously this summer.

Excerpted from Fresh Made Simple, © Lauren Keiper Stein, illustrations by © Katie Eberts, used with permission from Storey Publishing

Katie Eberts
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