Summer Wedding Scavenger Hunt Makes Wedding Season More Fun

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Going to a wedding this summer? Of course you are. Going to seven weddings this summer? Oh, honey.

Sure, there’s something wonderful about seeing two people you love pledge their lives to each other in front of their friends and family. And with cake and drinking and dancing, there’s no doubt that weddings are a good time.

But there comes a year (or two) in most peoples lives where it seems like going to weddings is all you’re doing, and after a while, the vows, the cocktail hour, the toasts, can all seem like a bit of a blur.

To help you differentiate one wedding from another this season (or, alternately, to underscore the commonalities), we’ve come up with the ultimate Summer Wedding 2013 Scavenger Hunt. From mason jars to sparkler exits, can you check all the boxes before summer’s end?

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