Summer's Eve Ads Pulled After Controversy (VIDEO)

So Long, Racist Summer's Eve Ads

Surprise, surprise: after a hefty helping of media pressure, Summer's Eve has pulled its arguably-racist talking-vagina ads, Adweek reports.

Recently debuted as part of the company's "Hail to the V" campaign, the series of three videos was accused of relying on racial stereotypes to address different women, including depicting a white hand that "hits the gym" and a black hand that talks about styling her hair and going clubbing.

Stan Richards, founder of The Richards Group that created the spots, said the ads were aiming to be "relatable" and not offensive, Adweek writes. In fact, most of you were split on whether the clips were troubling at all -- with 56 percent of you calling them "OFFENSIVE! And totally racist," and 44 percent of you voting for "HARMLESS! Nothing to see here."

But widely-publicized criticism of the campaign, including a scathing spoof on "The Colbert Report," proved to be too much. On Wednesday, Summer's Eve removed the videos from YouTube and its own website. The Richards Group's PR rep stated, "The decision to take the videos down is about acknowledging that there's backlash here. We want to move beyond that and focus on the greater mission."

Which is...making women believe they need to wash their lady bits or else they'll start talking back?

Check out one below and see what the buzz was all about.


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