Summer's Eve 'Hail To The V' Campaign: Racist Or Harmless? (VIDEOS, POLL)

WATCH: So, How OFFENSIVE Are These New Summer's Eve Ads?

From Summer's Eve -- the same feminine hygiene purveyors who once implied you haven't gotten a raise because you're not fresh down there -- comes a new slew of videos seemingly targeting specific demographics.

The new campaign comes in three, well, colors: one clip stars a black hand that exclaims, "Girl, I have seen how much time you spend stylin' your hair." Another features a white hand that wants to be "BFFs" and nags a lot. And a third hand erupts in phrases like "Ay, yay, yay," and breaks into some high-pitched Spanish when it gets angry.

Take a look and tell us what you think.

WATCH the black version:

WATCH the Latina version:

WATCH the white version:

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