18 Things That Whisk Us Back To The Summers Of Our Youth

Summer is the season of freedom from work and school and excessive amounts of clothing. Huff/Post50 editors asked members of our Facebook community to name the things that remind them of their summers as kids. Here are some of our favorite answers:

1. Hearing Brian Hyland's "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini."

2. Dairy Queen soft ice cream cones dipped in chocolate.

3. Boardwalks.
More accurately, going underneath the boardwalk -- which was where teen make-out sessions were generally conducted and the Drifters song hummed forever after.

4. Jones Beach State Beach being bumper-to-bumper.

5. Drinking out of a garden hose. (H/T: Stephanie Carpenter)

6. Fire hydrants turned on and everyone grabbing their bathing suits.

7. The sweet smell of honeysuckle. (H/T: Fred Parker, who's from the South.)

8. Playing hide 'n seek at night with 'hood kids! (H/T: Nancy Milburn).

9. Catching fireflies and keeping them in a jar with holes in the lid (H/T: Emily Wyatt Fletcher).

10. First loves that didn't always end well.

11. The smell of a campfire. (H/T: Pamela J. Williams).

12. The smell of charcoal BBQ smoke. (H/T: Lauri Andersen).

13. The smell of freshly mowed grass. (H/T: Betsy Levin).

14. Cicadas in August. (H/T: Sally Barry).

15. The smell of Coppertone. (H/T: Pat Reed).

16. The sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street.

17. Root beer floats.

18. Watching the Cubs at Wrigley Field or any baseball team anywhere.



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