These 15 Summertime Life Hacks Will Improve The End Of Your Summer

We are definitely going to eat our burgers with a scientific grip from now on.

As the summertime clock invariably ticks on, we want to make sure you're getting the most out of the season. Thanks to the genius people of the internet, we have come across all the summer food hacks we need to make the end of our summer a little bit easier. You've probably seen a few of these summertime life hacks before, but we've put them for you all in one place -- here, below.

Suffice it to say, we are definitely going to eat our burgers with a scientific grip from now on. There will be no watering down of our iced coffees these last days of summer. And that ice cold water bottle trick? Pure genius.

Get on board -- and make the most of your last days of summer.

Cook the best grilled hot dogs of your life.
It's all about the spiral cut, folks. The more spiral, the more crisp caramelization.
YouTube: Grant Thompson
All of our summers just got infinitely better thanks to this strange, yet amazing freezer trick. Watch the video to see how it's done.
Serve chips with style.
YouTube: Grant Thompson
Yes, you too can make a snazzy bowl out of a bag of chips like the one pictured above. All it takes is a few folds, et voila, a makeshift bowl is yours.
Save your iced coffee from a watery fate with coffee ice cubes.
A Beautiful Mess
Say goodbye to water-downed coffee, and hello to a world of perfect iced cups of Joe. Crucial summer saver.
Eat your burger the right way.
Food Beast
Science has finally gotten to the bottom of the most important issue of all: how to stop everything from falling out of your burger when you try to eat it. Apparently, it's all about the proper finger placement. Thumbs and pinkies on the bottom and the middle three fingers placed on top. This is like the death grip for toppings. See how it's done.
No cherry pitter? No problem.
James Ransom/Food52
Use a chop stick and get the pits out in seconds. Food52 shared this nifty trick, and we are sold.
Use cupcake tins for more than just baking.
YouTube: Grant Thompson
It's too hot to bake in the summer. During these warm months, this tin is best used as the smartest condiment serving tray around.
Never make a mess out of watermelon ever again.
YouTube: CrazyRussianHacker
By chopping off the edges of a watermelon wedge, you've made the best, most logical watermelon slice the world has ever known.
Say good bye to drippy popsicles.
YouTube: Grant Thompson
Cupcake liners do just the trick to catch the drips running down your popsicle. A small plastic cup will work too.
Cook corn super fast.
Food Beast
Guys, cook whole ears of corn in the in the microwave. Try it.
Freeze your water bottles the smart way.
YouTube: Grant Thompson
Fill empty water bottles a little less than half way so that when the water freezes it doesn't cover the opening. When in need of an ice cold refreshment, just add water (or tea or juice) to the bottle. AWESOME.
Peel mango like a true genius.
YouTube: CrazyRussianHacker
One cup. One mango. Nothing wasted. (The lip of the glass serves as a makeshift knife.) You're going to want to master this hack.
Make restaurant-style burgers at home.
Will Heap via Getty Images
After shaping hamburger patties, make an indention in the center with your finger. Since the sides cook down faster then the center of the patty this trick will actually make the burger flat instead of rounded making it way better. And flat burgers mean the toppings will stay where they belong -- on top.
Chop cherry tomatoes like a ninja.
YouTube: DaveHax
If you're slicing cherry tomatoes in half one by one, you're doing it wrong. Save time and cut more than you can eat in one swoop of the knife. To be a tomato-cutting ninja just place the cherry tomatoes on a plate, top with another plate, and slide a knife between the two. Ta da! Watch the video for more detailed instruction.
Be done with fruit flies.
Apple cider vinegar, a cup and plastic wrap. That's all you need. Poke small holes into the plastic wrap and watch the lil guys fly in. Fruit flies just can't resist the smell of vinegar.

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