9 Screen-Free Toys That'll Keep Kids Occupied All Summer Long

Entertainment options that don't involve a computer or smartphone.

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It’s 5 p.m on a hot summer day and you’re rummaging through the fridge to find something to serve for dinner ― and inevitably, your young kiddos are at their wits end.

Do you turn on the TV for easy distraction? Whip out your iPhone for yet another round of ”Baby Shark?

For parents who are looking for fun screen-free toys that will entertain and delight (aka distract and divert) their kids on summer break, we’ve rounded up some of the season’s top options.

Below, top gifts for kids for summer that don’t involve a screen:

Nothing is sweeter than stopping for ice cream during a scorching summer day, especially when it’s from a truck! This Li’l Woodzeez Honeysuckle Sweets & Treats Food Truck is a mini version of the quintessential truck that you may remember spotting on your block when you were younger. This truck also includes lunchtime staples like pizza and fries.

Crayola has developed a Sidewalk Chalk Spiral Art Kit for outdoor projects that includes six stencils, four pieces of chalk and an orbiter unit. Break this out on a warm afternoon and watch the patio or driveway transform into a beautiful picture ― or, at least, a colorful one…

It wouldn’t be summer without bubbles. This Bubble Cycle Bubble Toy from Gazillion shoots out soapy bubbles while a child pushes the handheld device like a little motorcycle. Great for children 3 and up, this toy is a winner for park days.

This puzzle is a delightful rainy-day activity. It may require some adult backup, but working on a long-term summer project can be a fun exercise for children. Set it aside on your open dining room table and see their faces light up when the carnival scenery starts to take shape.

The BopIt! Game has everything we adored about the classic BopIt!, but it’s more action-oriented. With 10 new options, the game will put your movement and agility skills to the test. Best of all, it has a solo feature so kids can play by themselves.

Ubongo is an addictive geometric puzzle game in which players are tested against the clock to figure out interlocking shapes. Bring this out on a rainy day or after dinner for some quality family time.

If you’re trying to entertain several kids of all different ages, then Don’t Make Me Laugh! is your new go-to. This board game is a charade-like exercise in which children must act out different, unimaginable scenarios. And with more than 200 various scenario cards, this game will provide some serious fun.

Think of Bounce Off as a new take on Connect Four. Each round requires opponents to recreate the pattern on the drawn card with small bouncing balls. Bring out this portable game on the next vacation and watch the kids occupy themselves.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Spikeball, then you’re in for a treat. This transportable outdoor game started as a “Shark Tank” pitch but has quickly grown to become iconic. Essentially, players smack a ball onto a circular trampoline in an attempt to prevent the opposing player(s) from returning it. It’s great for the annual family reunion or beach vacation.