Sumo Militia Man Dares Chris Christie To Match We'd Pay To See

Finally, a heavyweight bout to care about

The political season doesn't really begin until a sumo wrestler occupying federal land challenges a presidential candidate.

So consider it started. Kelly Gneiting, now encamped with the Bundy militia at Malheur National Wildlife Preserve in Oregon, issued one bizarre proposition to Republican hopeful and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: Win just one of 10 sumo matches against him, and the group will disperse. But if Christie loses all 10, well, ya gotta listen above.

Gneiting, a multiple-time U.S. sumo champ who reportedly weighs 400 pounds, says in the vid he's ticked that Christie recently called for the government to enforce the law to deal with the armed takeover.

Gneiting launches into an amusing bit about being Christie's big brother and invites Christie to a mano a mano "wearing diapers and slapping bellies just like when we were toddlers."

If Christie should accept, he might want to check out how one opponent took care of Gneiting:

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