WATCH: The Great Sumo Wrestler Foot Race

Bellies to the wind.

Who says sumo wrestlers aren't formidable sprinting opponents?


Many people would probably say this. But that doesn't mean it's true.

While touring Wakayama in Japan, sumo wrestler Masakatsu Ishiura posted a video of his fellow grapplers sprinting with their bellies to the wind in a good ole' fashioned foot race. 

The fierce competitors were Kento Amakaze, Tatsuaki Kaiho and Kanata Takatenshu, according to a translation of the video description.

While the wrestlers' extra weight is surely a benefit in the ring, it's unclear how it affects them on the race track. Maybe it helps with their forward inertia. Or maybe it only ups the wind resistance. Who knows! Science works in mysterious ways. 

The race was a close one. But judging by his victory dance, it looks like middleman Kaiho won by a hair.

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