Sun Fengqin, Pole Dancing Granny, Takes Up The Sport At 60 (VIDEO)

Chinese Grandmother Takes Up Pole Dancing At Age 60

A grandmother who has taken up pole dancing is proving life doesn't have to bump and grind to a halt when you're 60.

Sun Fengqin, of Nanjing, China, took up pole dancing after watching several videos and developing an admiration for the sport's beauty and athleticism.

"Pole dancing is a special kind of dance," Fengqin told Reuters. "The dance moves that are done beside the pole are very elegant, especially when a woman dances these moves. It's very feminine, enchanting and seductive. It's full of youthful vigor and sexiness."

Because pole dancing has a strip bar stigma in China, Fengqin kept her desire to learn the sport a secret from her family, but word soon got around, and her family discovered her hidden talents.

Despite her conservative background, Fengqin's family approved -- even her husband, although he was concerned because of a previous back injury she had.

Because of that injury, Fengqin can't swing around the pole like her fellow, much younger students.

"When I see younger students dancing the moves that involve more technique, I envy them so much," she admitted to Reuters. "Now, I'm practicing spinning around the pole and I only finished learning going up the pole."

Although Fengqin's instructor, Shen Ting, was a little shocked to teach a woman old enough to be her grandmother how to spin around a pole, she is happy to have her as a student.

"After all, pole dancing is a kind of exercise so now, for a 60-year-old like her to be accepting of this and to be able to dance so well, [it shows] anyone can learn pole dancing."

Fengqin's impact could be reaching global proportions if the reaction of pole dancing instructors like Charley Crystal is any indication.

"It's incredible and empowering," Harris told The Huffington Post. "She's a good face for pole dancing, because all the public sees are elite pole dancers, but there are women who are doing it just to keep fit. In fact, 80 percent of the women I train to do it don't compete, they just want to be sexy."

Crystal says she has had two students who were in their 60s and admits it took them longer to learn some moves.

"But that's because they were smarter," she said. "They understood gravity better. However, they learned to invert themselves and climb a pole and it was impressive. The younger women looked up to them. It inspired them to keep trying."

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