"Sun & Moon" Poetry

The sun shine singes my skin
In prickly patches of abrasive tinges.
Corrosive edges of
Burnt starburst--bursting forth,
Heavily heaved
And collapsing upon veins
Handling grained filaments
Of filtered UV rays.

We makeshift lenses
Masking scathing bright white
By hiding behind barriers of
Hands shielding our gaze. Having eyes raised
In direct defiance with your level stare
Would make you go blind. There can be no witnesses here.
So we shutter up and shudder
Our backs as cold walls
Turned away from the sight of light and sun.

In the dawning stretch of daylight, that eager red yawn
Engulfs and envelops us in its
Insatiable presence. Cavernous and ravenous
For endless consumption and exertion
Over all energy expended on Earth.

Just look at the sun there--
Beaming its blinding glare
Smugly square in the sky:
Incessantly demanding attention. Commanding compliance for all
Rising and setting to its times.

No. Now, it is nightfall, at long last.
Finally, the moon can unloose her dark obfuscations.
All is quietly hushed, hidden behind veils
Of dimmed shadows. They flicker away--
Grateful with relief no longer of exposure, but erasure
And effacement.

By the edifice of the monolithic moon
And the swallowing pitch black we surrender to
Gleefully, for anonymity
And the freeing facelessness of indistinguishability,
Cast by cloak of incomprehensible darkness.
Unable to navigate; impossible to discern or differentiate
Between anything--

Neither the self nor all outside it is separate
Solely to the unfathomable obscurity
Of opacity at night.