Here's What Sunset Would Look Like If The Sun Were Swapped With Other Stars

Ah, sunset. We've all enjoyed the sublime moment when the Earth spins on its axis and the sinking sun fills the sky with brilliant color.

But what would sunset look like if, instead of orbiting our star, the Earth orbited the orange giant Aldebaran, the binary star system Kepler-35, or another of the hundreds of billions of other stars in our galaxy?

It would look very diffrerent, as you can see in the fact-based but fanciful visualizations created by Martin Vargic, a graphic designer and amateur astronomer in Slovakia.

"Space was my hobby since my childhood," Vargic told The Huffington Post in an email. "I think graphics and thought experiments like this one are a great way to inspire and educate people who wouldn't be otherwise interested in space and science."

Vargic generated each image based on a particular star's brightness, size, and temperature. Each image is labeled with the star's classification and its mass relative to the Sun. Of course, as Vargic notes on his website, the images are just for fun, as many of the alternate suns would produce too much or too little heat to support liquid water on Earth.

Check out the photos below to find out which sunset you think would be most beautiful.



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