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Viral Naked Sunbather Photo Has Been On The Internet For More Than 2 Years (UPDATE)

UPDATE: June 22 -- The photo below, recently provided to The Huffington Post and numerous other international media outlets by the CEN photo agency, has been circulating online for more than two years. CEN originally reported that the woman, shown sunbathing out a window, prompted a fender bender in Vienna.

However, it seems the photograph surfaced on Reddit more than 2 years ago, calling that report into question.

A representative for CEN told HuffPost, "This story was published in Austrian media – starting off in the respected daily Austrian newspaper Heute (Today) that broke the story, after which it went on into other local media."

What appears to be the original article has been withdrawn from Heute's website. In the note that currently appears there, the site playfully suggests that Gregory Shakaki, whom it initially credited as the photographer, discovered the image online.

The report published here, supplied by CEN, has been removed.

Thomas Edwin March

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