10 Natural Sunburn Remedies

10 Natural Sunburn Soothers

Everyone knows that applying lots of sunscreen and staying in the shade (and out of the sun's UV rays) are the best way to avoid a sunburn. And scientists have recently discovered a protein in the body that triggers pain from sunburn, as well as an antibody that seems to reduce the sensitivity to that pain in mice.

But while we're waiting on that cure for sunburn pain, what is there to do once the burn has already set in?

Taking a pain-reliever, like ibuprofen and aspirin, is a sure-fire way to relieve sunburn pain, dermatologists say. But there are also a bounty of natural options that can help.

We asked dermatologists and wellness experts to review 10 home remedies that supposedly work to prevent or relieve sunburn pain. Here's what they said:

Aloe Vera

Natural Sunburn Remedies

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