Sunday Meal Prep: Get Through The Week With Breakfast Yogurt Pops And More

Did we mention the breakfast cookies, too?

As part of HuffPost’s “Reclaim” project, HuffPost Taste will focus the entire month of July on simple ways you can reduce food waste in your own home.

Each week we try to come up with a very special meal plan to help you eat smarter, waste less food and save money by meal planning. Last week we brought you a great menu with Thai basil chicken (and more), but this week we have something truly special planned for the next seven days. We’re talking breakfast cookies AND breakfast pops, plus lots of tasty vegetable-loaded recipes. (Because we recently learned that vegetables make us feel happy, and we all deserve to be happy.)

The yogurt pops and cookies on the menu for breakfast can also double as a four-o’clock pick-me-up or a fix for your sweet tooth. There’s a chickpea-loaded salad recipe that comes already packed for lunch on-the-go. Plus chicken-spinach meatballs and cauliflower tabouleh. We recommend doubling the meatball recipe ― you’re going to want to eat these all week long, trust us.

Get to the kitchen and whip up these five quick recipes. Your week will thank you.

Creamy Coconut Almond Breakfast Pops
Half Baked Harvest
Get the Creamy Coconut Almond Breakfast Pops recipe from Half Baked Harvest
Busy Morning Cookies
The Clever Carrot
Get the Busy Morning Cookies recipe from The Clever Carrot
Mediterranean Kale Salad Jars
The Clever Carrot
Get the Mediterranean Kale Salad Jars recipe from The Clever Carrot
Chicken And Feta Meatballs With Zoodles
How Sweet It Is
Roasted Cauliflower Tabouleh With Toasted Almonds
The Clever Carrot
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