Sunday Roundup

In 2000, I co-convened the "Shadow Conventions," which ran concurrently with both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, and shined the spotlight on three issues that neither party was seriously addressing: the corrupting influence of money on our politics, the persistence of poverty in America and the disastrous war on drugs. Twelve years later, these three problems have gotten worse. So we are bringing the Shadow Conventions back -- but this time we are using HuffPost Live and the Huffington Post platform to put these neglected issues center stage and make it possible for you to be part of a real discussion about them. In fact, HuffPost Live has already created "green room" pages where you can learn more about these issues, leave a comment and sign up to join an on-air Shadow Convention conversation. Click here for the drug war green room, here for poverty and here for money in politics. The Shadow Conventions are your conventions -- let your voice be heard.

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