Sunday Roundup

This week, the House voted along party lines to open yet another Benghazi investigation -- adding to the 13 hearings and 50 briefings already completed. Democrats, who are considering boycotting the hearings, should instead hold alternate hearings on all the real and ongoing problems being ignored, like income inequality, gun deaths (approximately more than 40,000 since Benghazi), and climate change. On Tuesday, climate change was the subject of a very different kind of investigation. The National Climate Assessment -- an 800-page report from 300 scientists -- warned that climate change is already here. "The question," said one lead scientist, "is are we able to meet the challenges, given the growing understanding of how much the climate could change this century?" Unfortunately, the answer for the GOP seems to be: "Benghazi." On an utterly non-partisan note: here's wishing moms everywhere a very happy Mother's Day!