Sunday Roundup

This week, the spotlight remained on immigration, with President Obama requesting $3.7 billion to deal with the flood of undocumented children crossing the border. As Speaker Boehner fixated on suing the President for delaying the same insurance mandate Boehner has tried to repeal, Glenn Beck announced plans to deliver food, water and toys to the children being held at the border, and the Wall Street Journal denounced the "extreme voices" arguing for impeachment, which included Sarah Palin. When the Journal calls out extremists and Glenn Beck is your voice of reason and compassion, you know the Republicans are in more disarray than the Brazilian soccer team's defense. Speaking of which, as Germany faces Argentina in the World Cup final, it's a day of split loyalties for the Vatican. Does God side with Argentine Pope Francis or German Pope Emeritus Benedict in this Papal Playoff? Maybe the CIA's newly discovered German double agent has the inside scoop.