Sunday Roundup

This week we saw a demonstration of the deep connection between imagery and outrage. On Tuesday, the hunter that killed the beloved and often photographed lion, Cecil, in Zimbabwe was identified as Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer. As the outrage went viral, the hunter became the hunted. His clinic's website was shut down, and a White House petition demanding extradition got over 200,000 signatures. But the level of viral indignation also prompted some to question why the outpouring of outrage for Cecil surpassed that prompted by the killing of Sandra Bland. At the same time, we watched as Ohio prosecutor Joe Deters -- fueled by very disturbing bodycam footage of the police shooting of Samuel DuBose -- announced murder charges in the case, calling the incident "outrageous," "horrendous" and an "absolute tragedy." It was further proof of the power of images -- and that outrage doesn't have to be an either/or proposition.