Sunday Roundup

This week the nation had to clean up the collateral-mud-damage from watching Thursday's Republican debate. To call it a circus would be to insult the dignity, decorum and poise of the circus. "This guy's a choke artist, and this guy is a liar," said Trump of Rubio and Cruz, who finally took on The Donald. Meanwhile -- irony alert! -- Trump said former Mexican President Vincente Fox "used a filthy, disgusting word" and "should be ashamed." Even worse, the substance matched the atmosphere. After an extended debate on poll numbers, it was hard not to wonder how much better it would be if the candidates cared about meaningful data as much as poll data: like the new report that the seas are rising at their fastest rate in 28 centuries. Or that 22 million people would lose healthcare with Obamacare's repeal. Or that deporting 11 million people would cost an estimated $400 - $600 billion, take 20 years and lower real GDP by $1.6 trillion. But, of course, facts are for losers.