Sunday Roundup

This week, as several more states went to the polls, the nomination contests were further clarified even as the results seem to bring us closer to chaos. A victorious Donald Trump warned that if he were ahead in delegates and yet denied the nomination "you would have riots" at the convention in Cleveland. An RNC spokesman later claimed Trump was "speaking figuratively," but given the violence we've already seen at Trump rallies, that seems unlikely. In fact, on Thursday a report by The Economist listed the possible election of Trump as one of 10 "global risks" ranking equal to "the rising threat of jihadi terrorism" and higher than "Chinese expansionism." Thankfully, Friday was a much needed World Sleep Day, celebrating the power of sleep. It's a cause that's even been embraced by the global management consulting company McKinsey, which has added a sleep specialist to its ranks -- no, that's not an Onion headline -- and recently issued a report entitled "There's A Proven Link Between Effective Leadership And Getting Enough Sleep." It's a good thing, because in this environment, we need all the leadership we can muster.