Sunday Roundup

This week, the nation watched Kobe Bryant say goodbye to an historic career, while the Golden State Warriors capped a history-making season. The combatants on the other coast were less inspiring. On Tuesday, having been outmaneuvered for delegates in Louisiana and Colorado by Ted Cruz, Donald Trump accused the RNC of being "dirty tricksters" who should be "ashamed of themselves." The next day, The Washington Post estimated that Cruz will pick up 130 to 170 delegates on a second ballot - enough to potentially deny Trump the nomination. As loudly as Trump complains, it's notable that it's in the most business-like aspects of the campaign -- deal-making -- that Trump is failing. If he can't make a deal with his own party, he'll never get that chance to make a deal forcing Mexico to pay for his wall. Meanwhile, as the Democratic candidates debated across the river from Wall Street, it was reported that five of the eight biggest banks failed to come up with credible "living will" plans required by Dodd-Frank. The Mamba's gone, but too-big-to-fail lives on.