Sunday Roundup

This week, the nation was reminded, in ways both good and bad, that elections matter. On Monday, a Supreme Court that will likely see multiple appointments from the next president delivered a landmark decision for reproductive rights. On Tuesday, terrorists bombed the Istanbul airport, leaving 42 dead. Right on cue, Donald Trump reminded the world why judgment and stability matter, repeating his call for more torture, saying "you have to fight fire with fire." And so, as the fallout from Brexit continues in the U.K., more Republican officials here are beating the drums for Trexit, separating themselves from the toxic menace that is Trump. Utah Senator Mike Lee said he won't vote for Trump without assurances he won't "abuse" the Constitution, and Maine Senator Susan Collins hinted she might vote for Hillary Clinton, while Mitt Romney said he'd vote for his wife before Trump. Meanwhile, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk became the first GOP incumbent to air an anti-Trump ad. As the list of Trexiting elected officials grows, so does the #NeverTrump RNC effort to insert a "conscience clause" allowing delegates to vote against a candidate who violates their moral beliefs. As the convention nears, we're finding out whose conscience puts country above party -- and whose does not.