Sunday Roundup

This week, Clint Eastwood's rambling chat with an empty chair spawned a run of comical memes. But the moment was actually an apt visual metaphor for the convention itself, with the empty chair representing not Invisible Obama but the Invisible Issues that went unmentioned -- including the issues HuffPost sought to put a spotlight on this week with our Shadow Convention: the corrupting influence of money on our politics, the persistence of poverty in America, and the disastrous war on drugs. It was a site-wide effort. To see the breadth of what our HuffPost editors did, click here. And click here to watch HuffPost Live's amazing, comprehensive coverage. And because the neglect is a bipartisan affair, we're doing it again during the DNC, taking on these issues from a whole different set of angles. Don't miss HuffPost Live's Shadow Coverage this coming Tuesday-Thursday between 12-4 p.m. EST.

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