Sunday Roundup

How desperate is the White House to get the Foley scandal off the front page? So desperate that it actually tried to shift the media focus onto Iraq -- where 23 U.S. soldiers and untold numbers of Iraqis were killed this week-- by having Condi Rice make an attention-grabbing "surprise" visit to Baghdad. But try as it might, nothing was going to dampen the Foley firestorm which was the week's hottest topic. Don't miss the takes of Marty Kaplan, Margaret Carlson, James Pinkerton, Rep. John Murtha, Merrill Markoe, Rachel Sklar, Stephen Elliott, Bill Diamond, Ellis Weiner, John McQuaid, Eric Boehlert, Bob Geiger, Shelley Lewis, Joe Solmonese, Cenk Uygur, Greg Saunders, Warren Berger, Joshuah Bearman, Toby Barlow, and Danielle Crittenden. And be sure to check out the Contagious Festival's collection of Foley satires.