Sunday Roundup

Axis of Evil Update: North Korea may or may not have entered the world's most exclusive -- and explosive -- club this week with its earth-and-nerve-rattling test. But one thing's for sure: Kim Jong Il is currently the world's most radioactive dictator. Iran quickly sided with its Axis of Evil homie, blaming the North Korean blast on "America's threats and humiliation," and vowing to carry on pursuing a nuke of its own. Meanwhile, ex-Axis member Iraq continues to deteriorate, as civilian deaths hit a record high. Shock and Awe, indeed. Check out the North Korea takes of Marty Kaplan, Robert Scheer, RJ Eskow, Kathleen Reardon, Bob Geiger, Blake Fleetwood, Philip Slater, Jayne Lyn Stahl, Diane Watson, and Merrill Markoe (here's mine). And, as always, our Sunday Roundup awaits below.