Sunday Roundup

The marriage of Newsweek and The Daily Beast ("NewsBeast"?) is a great example of journalism's hybrid future. I'm looking forward to watching Tina balance and blend what she describes as the "more reflective narrative rhythm" of magazines with "the fast, furious, instant take of the Web." Plus, there is the sundae-topping cherry of her being the newsweekly's first woman editor-in-chief. In 1970, Newsweek's female staffers -- dismissed as "dollies" -- had to launch a discrimination suit to break through the magazine's steel-reinforced glass ceiling. It only took another 40 years for this. Good luck, NewsBeast. Have a rockin' long honeymoon! How are you raising the kids, print or digital? (This week also saw the launch of HuffPost Divorce. Conceived by Nora Ephron, it covers all things divorce -- from the legal to the lighthearted, from step parenting to post-divorce dating. Check it out.)

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