Sunday Roundup

This week saw another brazen attack on America. The target: our values. The perpetrator: Donald Trump, who called for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." Along with being an assault on our bedrock beliefs, this is also a test of the media which, after allowing Trump's ugly views to gain legitimacy, have finally begun to call him out. Perhaps it's time to resurrect the idea of the Homeric epithet, adding an obligatory descriptor to each mention of a name. Those of us raised on Greek myths can't think of Athena without our minds autocompleting with "owl-eyed." Let's make sure that no one can think of Trump without their brain autocompleting with "mendacious racist" (Ben Smith's suggestion) or "sexist" or "serial liar" or "birther and bully" -- or get your Homer on and suggest your own in the comments section below.