Sunday Roundup

This week the GOP debate circus pulled into Miami, ahead of Tuesday's Florida primary. It might have been more civil in tone, but it was actually much more frightening than the brawls of previous debates. Gone was the extreme rudeness, but as a result the extreme policies were harder to miss. Asked about torture and targeting civilians, Trump said that while we "have to obey the laws," we should simply "expand those laws," presumably to legalize what's currently illegal. When asked if all 1.6 billion Muslims hate us, he calmly replied, "a lot of them" do. Meanwhile, Rubio's answer to climate change was that we can't "change a law in Washington to change the weather!" And all suggested that we need to once again send ground troops to the Mideast (what could possibly go wrong?). Finally, when asked about increasing violence at his rallies, Trump blamed it on his supporters' anger about trade deals. And just days later, his canceled rally in Chicago nearly turned into a full-scale riot. Making America great again, indeed. Some have compared this to a reality show. If only that were true. This is reality, and we're all losing.