Sunday Roundup

Today, an entire nation remembers. And reflects. Be sure to check out our ongoing liveblog, with links to all of HuffPost's 9/11 coverage -- including Andrea Stone and John Rudolf on continuing national security vulnerabilities, and Tom Zeller and Lynne Peeples on the environmental impact of the attacks -- as well as links to the best 9/11 stories from around the web. We are also featuring a truly remarkable collection of pieces from our Patch network. We asked each of our 999 Patch editors to identify someone in their town whose life had been altered by 9/11 -- or something that had been forever changed. The stories are as moving as they are varied, including a Midwestern firehouse chaplain who was on a truck heading to New York as soon as the towers fell; a pilot who left the cockpit to run for office after 9/11; and the school where the youngest passenger on Flight 93 had been enrolled. Please check them out -- and add your own memories to the conversation.