Sunday Shows Continue Their Streak Of Relying Overwhelmingly On White Guys


There is another Media Matters study of Sunday show diversity out, and, just like all other studies of Sunday morning shows, this one—which takes all of 2013 into account—makes us want to bang our heads against a wall. Among the findings:

White Men, And People, Everyhwere!

We randomly went to the "Face the Nation" website to see what that show's most recent panel looked like. It was three white guys and Peggy Noonan:


That's right in line with the usual scene on "Face the Nation," which has white men as guests 67 percent of the time. Out of all of the Sunday shows, just two—MSNBC's "Up" and "Melissa Harris-Perry"—don't have white men as a majority of their guests, and "MHP" is the only one without a majority of white guests overall.

Men In General Everywhere!

Fully 67 percent of the guests across all the Sunday shows were men. The top ten guests were nine white men and one Latino, Ted Cruz. All were politicians. That leads to a lot of scenes like this, with Jonathan Karl interviewing Republican Peter King, who is never far from a television screen:


Melissa Harris-Perry Proves It Can Be Different

She has by far the most diverse show, manages not to just talk to the same 15 politicians, and hey, people still watch her program!


Read the full report here.