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You wake up and for all intents and purposes it is over. The storm, the chaos, the discombobulation. The waterfall of questions, incessantly incoming, to which you have no replies.

Because this was not a plan and you know nothing.

You were busy with your life and the storm interfered, for you and everyone affected.

Into a void you rolled. And you’re lucky so the void was a fun house, a roller coaster, but at no point were you in charge of your own destiny.

It was all an accident. The ground opened up and your life fell through. For a long tumble into the known and the unknown. You saw fresh vistas, heard new terms, traveled the paths before you. Whiled time with old friends, innkeepers and acquaintances alike and the months passed.

Some questions you never wanted asked got answered. Such as why you left years ago. Now you are reminded.

Plans were made and ripped up almost daily due to circumstances beyond your control no mater how tight your grip, the next day, the following week, reliably, things changed, again and again.

Your lesson to learn is to relax. When you’re in the jaws of the lion, aka life, relax. Give up control and see where that takes you. And hope you’re lucky.

Like now when everything is back in place. Somehow. Home but not the same house. Returned, but not the same view. Grateful and humbled by what you saw out there in the wide world and why you came here years ago and why you came back.

And you are back. You awoke to the dawning of a new day, a new year, a new home. A new view. A new you. Relax and let the good in. The odyssey is over and you’re home and you’re welcome.

Happy New Year.

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