A Sunday Supper For The Whole Family

Gather your loved ones and escape from the busy chaos of the back-to-school season with this simple, kid-friendly Sunday supper. Classic meatballs are braised with tomatoes and served over pasta with fresh baguette to soak up the savory sauce, while vibrant peas, tossed with lettuce and green garlic, look gorgeous alongside a hearty bowl of honey-glazed carrots. Finish off the meal with a festive homemade sundae of silky peanut butter swirl ice cream smothered in an array of homemade toppings.

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Saveur's Sunday Supper Menu


1. Plot out your prep time to make things easier come meal time: the meatballs need to chill for 1 hour before cooking, then you can start the carrots 15 minutes after the meatballs go into the oven to have them finish simultaneously.

2. You'll need to give the baguette time to rise three times (about 3 hours) before baking. The bread can be finished several hours before dinner, then reheated just before serving. For a perfectly textured homemade baguette, the secret is in the kneading-learn the best way to knead bread dough in our video.

3. Consider starting the peanut butter ice cream a day ahead, since the custard needs to chill for 6-8 hours before going into the ice cream maker. Turn dessert into a full-blown sundae party with these delicious homemade toppings.

4. For more family-friendly pasta recipes, see our gallery of recipes.

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