Sung-Bong Choi: Korea's Got Talent Audition Turns Into Incredible, Heartbreaking Performance (VIDEO)

Not only is Song-bong Choi almost destined to be a instant sensation, but he's got an amazing story as well.

The song below, performed on Korea's Got Talent, brought tears to nearly every eye in the room. Choi's voice simply astounds, proving that you really never know who has an amazing talent.

But he's a bit more than the next Susan Boyle. Choi's story by itself could bring you tears.

He refers to himself as a "manual worker" and has been living on his own since he was five years old. At one point, he describes how he had to sleep in public restrooms to find shelter.

It's hard to watch the video of 22-year-old Choi's performance below and not be shocked, stunned, and touched.

WATCH (Prepare to be blown away at about 3:00):