Sunny Hostin Makes Shocking Claim About Eclipse And Co-Hosts Come To Rescue

"The View" host tried to make a few connections that Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar weren't buying.

Sunny Hostin is a lawyer, novelist and a co-host of “The View” ― but a scientist she is not. (Watch the video below.)

The talk show panelist suggested Monday that the confluence of the solar eclipse, New York City-area earthquake and the arrival of cicadas was due to climate change ― or perhaps something more biblical.

Co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg stepped in as real-time fact-checkers.

The exchange occurred after co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin mentioned the end-of-the-world-style conspiracy theories emerging as Monday’s eclipse followed last week’s 4.8 earthquake in the tristate area.

Hostin recalled how one of the show’s makeup artists fled the building during the temblor, saying that Jesus was coming and “I’m leaving.”

Hostin also said she learned the cicadas were arriving soon for the first time in “many many years.” Goldberg tried to explain the cicada cycles and how broods on separate timelines would both be emerging this year in a rare event.

“I will say, all those things together would maybe lead one to believe that either climate change exists, or something is really going on,” Hostin said.

“Earthquakes are not at the mercy of climate change,” Behar chimed in. “It’s underground.”

Goldberg reminded Hostin that eclipses are accurately predicted and tried to dispel the notion that it was a sign from God. “God doesn’t give you warning, OK?” she said.

Christina Khalil, a Green Party Senate candidate in New Jersey, drew the internet’s wrath over the weekend when she suggested on X (formerly Twitter) the New Jersey-centered earthquake was proof that “the climate crisis is real.” Khalil’s post was slapped with a community correction that the state sits on a fault line unrelated to climate change.

Earthquakes happen due to a “sudden slip on a fault,” the U.S. Geological Survey says.

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