Sunny Hostin Negotiated Her ‘View’ Contract With Sherri Shepherd’s Intel

Credit Hostin's salary to the "sisterhood" of the popular ABC show.

Sherri Shepherd might want to consider being an agent when she’s done hosting daytime talk.

Sunny Hostin revealed on Shepherd’s show this week that Shepherd played a critical role in Hostin negotiating her contract on “The View.” (Watch the video below.)

While Hostin, who started with “The View” in 2016, and Shepherd, who left the ABC talk show in 2014, did not overlap, the program’s “sisterhood” still proved invaluable to get increases from the brass, they said.

Shepherd disclosed the pay and perks of her cohosts, Hostin recalled. That gave Hostin all the ammunition she needed to demand more than she was offered.

Hostin recalled Shepherd calling her out of the blue and asking about the possible extras on the table, including a car stipend. But that wasn’t all.

“You basically went over your salary for the entire time you were there,” Hostin said to the “Sherri” host. “You gave me everyone’s salary, and I went back to my agent, and I was like, ‘You did not get me enough money.’”

Shepherd said she was merely paying it forward from when former “View” alum Rosie O’Donnell practiced the same contract transparency.

“It was very helpful, Sherri,” Hostin said.

Shepherd, who launched her talk show in September, spread her labor advocacy to striking Hollywood writers this week. She said she writes her own jokes and is not a Writers Guild of America member, but she urged fair pay for the showbiz scribes.

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