Sunny Pawar At Golden Globes Made The Internet's Collective Heart Melt

Can Sunny host next year's ceremony?!

There may have been many shining stars in attendance at Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, but the internet thought a particularly little one sparkled brightest.

Sunny Pawar, who plays young Saroo in the film “Lion,” joined co-star Dev Patel on stage to help introduce a clip from their movie.

And, boy, did he make our collective hearts roar.

The precious 8-year-old’s delightful smile quickly drew in “aww”s from the crowd. Then, Pawar’s adorably confident introduction of the film after Patel lifted him up to the mic really left everyone in pieces.

Though the young actor was only on stage for a few short moments, that was all it took to make the entire Twitter-sphere melt. And, as you can see below, celebrities and others weren’t afraid to shout their appreciation for the boy across social media.

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