From egg-shaped chairs and planters to oval cars and skyscrapers, it's been a few years eggs have been upgraded to objects of design.
Some photographers and instagrammers, often coming from the graphic industry, showed their side of the story: the sunny side up.


The white and orange elements make the sunny side up features very distinctive and eye-catching. Once those elements are there, all kinds of shapes and materials can be used to create the egg's distinctive look.

On the other hand, there are photographers who use and shape real eggs to tell their unique stories. Photographer Lena Granefelt (cover photo), for example, looks at the paradox of the food industry whose initial aim was to make food spotless, uniform and predictable and that now is, instead, upgrading its machines to make industrial products look as hand-made as possible.
Another great example is Legs & Eggs (below) by Axel Oswith, which shows his ironic take on having a bad day and feeling brain fried.

by me

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