Sunrise-McMillan Elementary School Misspells Own Name For 9 Years (VIDEO)

Sunrise-McMillan Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas, has made an embarrassing correction after nine years: the spelling of its name, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

According to the station, the school added "McMillan" to its name during the 2003-2004 school year to honor its first teacher Mary McMillan, but accidentally spelled it "McMillian."

School Principal Marion Mouton told KDFW-TV that the correction process is going to be tedious.

The misspelling appears on the side of the building, signs, awards, posters and faculty name badges as well as in less noticeable locations like business cards and email signatures.

"Just thinking wow, all the things we have to do now to fix one mistake," Mouton told the station.

Officials from the Fort Worth Independent School District said they are unsure how the error occurred, but that they learned of the mistake after receiving a call from Mrs. McMillan's family.

Despite the embarrassment, school counselor Anita Ruffin-Hawthorn told KDFW that the incident is a lesson for students: "Check your work."

Sunrise-McMillan isn't the only school cringing from public misspelling recently. In February, Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, Fla., suffered a collective blush after a sign outside the school advertised a "Laeping To Literacy Night." Intended to read "Leaping To Literacy Night," the sign was eventually taken down the following Monday.

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