The Best Sunrises Around The World You've Probably Slept Through

Sunsets mark the "golden hour," when day turns to night (and, in the morning, when night turns to day) and the sun literally calls it quits. But what about that other magical time, approximately 12 hours earlier (depending on where you are in the world, clearly.) That time right when the world's about to wake up and plant their feet on the ground?

Most of us are fortunate enough to still be snoozing for daybreak and can open our peepers long after the sun's been up in the sky for a while.

Unless you're heading home from the night of your life with friends...
(Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana)

... hiking to the top of a volcano in the dark of night to reach the summit for a spectacular sunrise...
(Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia)

...or you have a child...

... there's a very good chance sunrise is something you know exists, but admire only in photos. So in the spirit of virtual travel, we give you the most beautiful sunrises, from Australia to Alaska, that you've probably slept right through.

Killiney, Dublin

Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

Lisbon, Portugal

Anchorage, Alaska

Seoul, South Korea