World's Hairiest Girl, Supatra Sasuphan, Inspires Community To Look Beyond Appearances

She may be the hairiest girl in the world, but that's not what Supatra Sasuphan's community sees when they look at her.

The 11-year-old girl from Thailand is one of only 50 people known to have Ambras syndrome -- a condition which makes hair grow all over the body, including her face and neck.

She was teased and bullied when she first started school, but her confidence, aptitude for academics and refusal to give up on her dreams have helped her peers and teachers see another side of Supatra, MSNBC reports.

"She is very, very good," one teacher told the news outlet. "She is a very good student, very happy."

Supatra said that when she grows up, she hopes to become a doctor to help sick people in need.

"It's the way I am," she told MSNBC of her condition. "I don't even think about it."

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