Super, Blood, Harvest Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse

This weekend we will see a rare combo: an eclipse which is both a Super and a Blood Moon. This makes this particular eclipse highly charged. As I mentioned in previous blogs, a Super Moon is when the moon is closer to the earth than usual. A Blood Moon can occur only during a Total Lunar Eclipse; as the earth moves between the Sun and the Moon the way light is refracted gives a reddish tinge to the Moon. And finally the Harvest Moon is the name farmers have always given to the September Full Moon because it is the time for harvest.

The juiciest event in this combo is the Total Lunar Eclipse which will be visible throughout the U.S. Lunar eclipses always occur at the Full Moon but not all lunar eclipses are total. A partial eclipse is a much less powerful event. This particular eclipse is the fourth in a tetrad series which began in April 2014 (April 15, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015) and now September 27/28 2015). It is a rare pattern and the internet has been jumping with end of the world prophecies. Let me assure you the world is not ending BUT there are certainly a lot of currents peaking during this charged time.

As my blog readers know, the Full Moon is the peak of an energy cycle. With an eclipse the lunar power is increased and for those people who have their birth moon or any planet close to the degree of the eclipse, this eclipse can indicate major changes. In any case we will all feel the desire to break lose and express emotions.

For me this eclipse is the right time to introduce you to my kids in my series, Tree of Keys.
In issue 1, Threshold of Fire, the kids begin their journey under the influence of a total lunar eclipse. This highly charged lunar event also enflames the villain, Nefos. He plans to prolong the duration of the eclipse and capture the souls of all 12 kids! I got the idea for his nefarious scheme while watching a lunar eclipse. I thought what if the lunar eclipse never ended, and the moon remained dark? In this distorted world all manner of chaos and distortion could triumph. It would be as if life on earth were holding its breath or caught in a giant freeze frame.

The only way to save the world is the Astro Heroes. We need them to redeem themselves and each member of their sign. Then Harmony and Light would be restored.


To celebrate this powerful eclipse I am running a contest. Can you find your sign's character in the drawing below? If you can identify the character who personifies your sign will receive a copy of the comic and an Astro Heroes T-Shirt. If you can identify all 12 signs, I will be happy to give you a free Astrology reading. If you are not sure of your birth sign check my website Please post your guesses and comments to Huff Post.


The Lunar eclipse begins at 8:11pm Sunday, September 27th. At 10:47pm in New York City we will be watching the darkened moon at the height of the eclipse. I am hoping that Luna will pass through the shadow and then resume shining brightly. I believe she will and that we will all go on to more adventures.