Super Bowl 50 Commercials: Which Ones Did You Like?

There was a lot happening on television this past weekend. The final Republican Debate. Bernie Sanders on SNL. And on Sunday, Super Bowl 50 with a medley of Super Bowl ads. The pundits are commenting. The articles have started to appear. What's your verdict? What do you think? Which of the commercials did you prefer and why? Did your favs make Adweek's list of ads you won't want to miss during Super Bowl 50? Here are a few from last night:

The brand had comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen suiting up -- Spanx and all -- for a politically themed spot. Marking Wieden + Kennedy's first work for the brand, the ad is part of a campaign that will extend throughout this political season.

A first-time Super Bowl advertiser, LG jumped in full-force with a futuristic spot highlighting its OLED TV technology. Liam Neeson, was featured, playing a man from the future in a dynamic, 60-second production. The buzz, though, focuses on filmmaker Ridley Scott's return to the game for the first time since his iconic "1984" ad for Apple. This year, Scott takes on executive producer duties while his son, Jake Scott, directs.

Willem Defoe did an incredible job in the Jim Beam "Bold Choice" commercial by StrawberryFrog a few years back, and now this most versatile actor returned as Marilyn Monroe. Snickers paid off their ad slogan "You're Not You When You're Hungry." Marilyn, aka Willem, is shooting the Seven Year Itch subway grate scene and absolutely hates the gust of air blowing her dress up.

Actor Gary Sinise narrates the Super Bowl 50 commercial created by StrawberryFrog called "Hold Your Breath". Commenting on the 60 that runs digitally, The Mighty says it "Might Be Our Favorite Super Bowl Ad This Year" SunTrust's #onUp encourages people to alleviate their financial stress. "We are proud that it is one of the most inclusive ads during the game," said Karin Drakenberg co-founder of StrawberryFrog.

Kia brought Christopher Walken and a trusty, colorful sock puppet to its commercial. Created by David&Goliath, the 60-second ad in the third quarter will promote the 2016 Optima mid-size sedan.

The Border Collie delivered the best moment of the commercials. Coming this spring, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline pickup boasts an audio system that uses so-called "exciters" to turn the entire truck bed into a giant speaker. Honda will promote the feature in a 60-second ad from RPA featuring a farmer who evidently has been using it a lot around his sheep, which belt out Queen's "Somebody to Love."

In Amazon's first Super Bowl ad, Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin planned an epic Super Bowl party where Marino wants cheerleaders but Baldwin's not so sure. So the former gridiron star turns to "Alexa," the sound of the voice-command device Amazon Echo, for help. Created by Leo Burnett Toronto, the ad spotlights Alexa's capabilities -- among them, instructions for building a "snack stadium." Fans can follow the campaign using #BaldwinBowl.

Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, T-Pain, Randy Johnson, Tony Hawk, Harvey Keitel and more star in Mini's campaign, which asks viewers to defy labels.