Super Bowl Ads 2013: Go Daddy Commercial, Kate Upton Mercedes Spot Among Latest Crop (VIDEO) [UPDATED]

The 49ers and Ravens weren't the only teams competing during the Super Bowl. Doritos, Budweiser and Mercedes were angling for big wins, too.

When it came to Super Bowl commercials, the old goal for advertisers was to be the hot topic at the water cooler on Monday morning.

Times have changed.

First of all, do offices still have water coolers? Either way, the battle to generate buzz has shifted from the Monday after the Super Bowl to the days before it and then during the game on social media. To garner such attention and rack up extra views for their pricey, 30-second spots, some advertisers release a brief teaser of their Super Bowl ad. In some cases, the full commercial is out days before the game.

"It's a great way to pique people's interest," Anheuser-Busch chief marketing officer Paul Chibe told The Associated Press of the teaser trend. "If you create expectations before the game people will want to look for your ad in the telecast."

Do you agree? Or do the teasers ruin the surprise?

Watch all the ads that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl below and let us know which one was your favorite.



Super Bowl XLVII Commercials