Super Bowl Advertising: Where's the Magic?

With so many Super Bowl advertisers pre-releasing or teasing their advertising before the game, the commentary and speculation has been at full tilt.

But I have to say, it's all leaving many people asking -- where's the magic?

Is the magic in this spot from Dove Men + Care?

Well, I have predicted that it will be the "Year of the Dad," and this spot gets me every time! DADDY! #RealStrength

Is the magic in this life size Pac-Man game from Bud Light? The brand gave us a little tease earlier this month and then released the full version.

That's kinda cool! Now if that becomes an installation that we can all try, there could be some magic happening! #UpForWhatever

Or is the magic in this retro look back at innovation, and our ability to embrace it from BMW?

Very clever use of footage to remind us of how far we've come, and evidently how far we will continue to go. I actually remember that scene from 1994!

Not to take away anything from any brand that has previewed and teased us so far, but I don't think the magic will happen until game time. Watching these spots in real time with a real crowd in real context is magical. It's the Super Bowl! We'll be talking about them in the moment, which brings a new level to it all.

The magic is also going to come with the other integrated activity that these brands add to their advertising. Displays, social engagements, digital marketing, or even live events... the surround sound will add more magic too. Previewing them is just the beginning for the magic to come later, IMHO.

Plus, I have a feeling we'll see a few surprises come along that we haven't seen yet in pre-release. That's what I'm hoping for!

We will be checking them out at game time for sure! Join me during the game as we tweet live about the advertising at #SuperBowlExp. It'll be magical!

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