Brawl Breaks Out In Final Moments Of Super Bowl XLIX

The final moments of a dramatic Super Bowl were marred by an on-field fight involving several members of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.

With 20 seconds left in the game and the Patriots looking to just run out the clock, the two teams began shoving each other at the line of scrimmage. The pushing and shoving continued into the end zone.

Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin appeared to start the fight and was ejected from the game, which the Patriots won 28-24.

"I was protecting a teammate," Irvin told Yahoo Sports. "Emotions flew. I saw somebody hit (Seahawks defensive end) Michael Bennett, so I went and backed up my brother. I went about it wrong. Emotions were flying high, and I apologize. But if it happened again, I would go protect my teammate."

Bennett apparently took his frustrations out on a reporter.

"Just two rowdy teams, comes down to the end of the game," Bennett told Sports Illustrated. "You've probably never played football, never done anything physical in your life besides hold that microphone, but that's football. Two rowdy teams."

New England's Rob Gronkowski, who was also involved in the shoving, dismissed the incident.

"They were coming at us, we were just trying to take a knee. That's football," Gronkowski told SI. "Just emotions going, emotions flowing. All good."



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