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Super Bowl Foods, Ranked From Worst To Best

This is the hardest thing we've done all year.

Super Bowl Sunday will be here before you know it. Do you have a game plan? You're going to need to choose your snacks wisely and pace yourself. It's the one day of the year besides Thanksgiving when it is your duty as an American to feast like there's no tomorrow. Are you ready?

From nachos and guacamole to pizza and mozzarella sticks, there is no shortage of Super Bowl food on which to gorge. If it's fatty and decadent, it's appropriate on your Super Bowl party's menu. The hard part comes when you have to choose which snacks to serve or eat, because even if you don't want to prioritize, you probably should. We've made it easy for you by ranking Super Bowl food from worst to best. The real truth is that they're all amazing, but if we had to choose, here are 15 Super Bowl foods in order.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries That Look Like Footballs
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Also lame. Popcorn is great for the movies and on pretty much any other day when you don't have to worry about getting too full for nachos.
Speaking of filling up unnecessarily... Chili's amazing basically any other day of winter. We simply can't afford to stuff ourselves with chile, however, unless it's coating nachos or French fries.
Jalapeño Poppers
They guys are great. They're just not the greatest. We really do love a good jalapeño popper; we simply don't crave them as much as other Super Bowl food.
Soft Pretzels
A hot, chewy soft pretzel is absolutely lovely. A buttery one is better and one dipped in mustard or cheese sauce is even better. That's all we have to say about that.
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Pizza is an every day food, not a Super Bowl food. Millions of Americans would disagree, and we won't complain when we're grabbing a slice from the pizza box sitting between us and the TV on Sunday... BUT we really do think pizza is a food that should be eaten daily. So on Super Bowl Sunday, we'll eat it, but we could also save it for the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that.
Potato Skins
Done right -- loaded with chorizo or blue cheese, for example -- potato skins are golden and severely underrated. It's time to get loaded.
There are so many ways to make sliders. Pick one this Sunday. Pick a few. Just don't neglect the slider.
Pigs In A Blanket
How could you NOT love pigs in a blanket? They're ADORABLE!
Mozzarella Sticks
bhofack2 via Getty Images
Just don't call them "motz" sticks.
retales botijero via Getty Images
What if there was an endless supply of free guacamole in the world? These are the kinds of questions we ask on a regular basis, and the ones we'll try to answer on Super Bowl Sunday.
Tater Tots
Come ON.
Seven Layer Dip
Make seven layer dip, make eight layer dip, make 57 layer dip: JUST MAKE DIP.
It's not rocket science: If you're not eating wings -- spicy, sweet, hot or otherwise -- on Super Bowl Sunday, you are doing something wrong.
Don't argue with perfection. #Nachos for life. Nachos for eternity.

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