Super Bowl Foods: HOW Many Calories Do Those Add Up To? (QUIZ)

Quiz: HOW Many Calories Are In Your Super Bowl Snacks?

Football and commercials aside, the Super Bowl is all about the snacks. In fact, the average American will pack away nearly a day's worth of calories in front of the TV -- collectively we'll eat some 11 million pounds of chips and 1.25 billion chicken wings on Sunday alone. Altogether, those potato skins, pizza slices, beer and more give Super Bowl Sunday the dubious distinction of being among the highest calorie consumption days nation-wide, second only to the way we stuff ourselves on Thanksgiving.

Think you couldn't possibly be eating that much? The reality is that portion sizes have grown tremendously over the past 20 years. And that's assuming you can even spot a real portion size -- take our quiz to test your skill. And remember that just one serving of each of these items will tally up to more than 1,800 calories, so nosh in moderation (or try one of these healthier picks).

Photos by Damon Dahlen/AOL

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